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Crossing The Inner Desert

Crossing The Inner Desert



24" x 15" (61cm x 30.1cm)/About 30" x 21" (76.2cm x 53.3cm) framed
Acrylic on canvas


More about this piece

The journey of Spirit can so often feel like crossing a vast desert, motivated only by faith that there exists a great kingdom on the other side. Perhaps we've heard stories of this Heavenly Kingdom; heard of its lush forests and bountiful fruit trees, bubbling springs, and vast mountaintop views. Oh how we yearn to arrive and put down our roots! But as we stumble across the arid desert landscape we begin to doubt that this kingdom exists at all. Doubt whispers in speciously dulcet tones, "Turn back... turn back to the world. The world offers you countless sensual pleasures and material comforts... there you will find rest."

Do not turn back! When doubt creeps in, pause. Reflect. The journey is not easy, but the fruits are sweet beyond earthly definition. 

This painting is for me a visualisation of this reflection. This is her pause; a moment of self-reflection that is crucial to her spiritual journey. Doubt calls her to turn back to the world of fleeting luxuries; the ever so subtle breezes of Faith prompt her to carry on. The Kingdom awaits.



This piece is matted in rich crimson with a gold inlay, and framed in a 1” dark wood frame.

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