Annelie Solis



Tattoo Permit

Tattoo Permit


This Tattoo Permit is for anyone who wants to get my artwork tattooed!

I am so happy and honoured that you feel so connected to my work as to have it on your body permanently. I create art to bring more beauty into the world, and I do put a lot of time and energy into it! So this Tattoo Permit is a sign of a respect and a way for you to support me and my work.

If you are a tattoo artist, please direct your customer to this page before imitating my artwork.

Please note that this is for already existing artwork, NOT for a custom tattoo design. If you would like me to design a tattoo for you, please email me at
There is no physical permit or anything to be shipped, this is simply designed to be a fair exchange. If you do purchase a tattoo permit, I would love to see a photo of the finished tattoo!

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